Rest home(RS) and House of social services(HSS) for adults located in Sered' provides care for citizen to whom it is not possible to provide other social service according to National Council n. 448/2008 statute book about social services as amended by the later regulations, which are not sufficient to solve his material poverty or social distress and provides care for citizens with health disabilities, such as disabled persons, mental disorder and disturbances of behavior or sense disability or combination of them.

Statutory subject is director, who is named on a base of selection procedure and revoked by the representatives of Trnava self-governing region. He is nominated into his function chairperson of Trnava self-governing region.

Director manages activities of Rest home and House of social services for adults in conformity with acquisition document, he is responsible for his activity to founder.

Director issues Organization rules document of organization with founder agreement.

Rest home and House of social services for adults is budget organization of Higher- Tier territorial Unit - self-governing region in Trnava, which is connected to the budget of Higher - Tier territorial Unit, it has separate economy and since the day of establishment has its own responsibility in all legal  activities.

Higher - Tier territorial Unit - Trnava self-governing region, as organization founder, controls all its activities.

Rest home and House of social services for adults in Sered' was established for not limited period. Other activities and law relationships of organization, which are not directly arranged by acquisition document are managed by generally valid regulations.

History of  institution: Rest home and House of social services for adults was settled in august 1972.

First director was Mr. Jr Hermite, who executed his function since 1972 until 1979.

During the period of Dorota Burianová, a department with higher psychiatrically supervision has been instituted in Rest home with capacity of 40 persons.

Since 2002 institution has been transformed to Rest home and House of social services for adults with capacity of 125 clients - it means 85 places in Rest home and 40 places in house of social services for adults. Founder has become Trnava self-governing region.

At present, he is the director of the Mgr. Marta Németh, who joined the post in 2012 and has been active until today. In 2015, the capacity of the facility was reduced to 115 clients.